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Interview: Sam Jurekovic

March 22, 2009

Sam shared with us a few things about himself, the team, and the series

Check it out!!


Bonelli Park Sam went on to finish 2nd
At Bonelli Park, Sam went on to finish 2nd

 NAME: Sam Jurekovic

AGE: 23

HEIGHT: 5’10”


HOMETOWN: Jackson Hole, Wyoming




TYPICAL TRAINING DAY: Wake up around 6:30-7, Hand grind coffee, make a big breakfast, sit down and read my Bible while eating breakfast, then do emails and take care of business stuff. Around 10AM hop on the bike usually ride between 3 and 6 hours, get back to the house mid afternoon, recovery shake, wash bikes, stretch, finish making sure my bike is ready to go in the morning, maybe a quick nap, then I probably spend 2-3hours making dinner ( I love cooking and would like to open a restaurant some day so I usually make some pretty nice dinners for myself and whoever is staying with me or I am staying with at the time). Crash on the couch with a book around 8 and read or watch TV till I start nodding off and head for bed between 9-11:30.

BIKE:  S-Works Epic, S-Works Tarmac Pro, S-Works Stumpjumper Hard Tail. 

FAVORITE PART ABOUT NEW S-WORKS:  The way it sticks to the ground while climbing and descends like a DH bike…oh ya and its pretty light for a full suspension at 21 lbs.

FAVORITE FOODS:  I love exotic foods…anything I can’t make at home I’ll give it a try…then if I like it I’ll probably learn how to make it at home.

Sam slack lining on his day off.

Sam slack lining on his day off

FAVORITE TYPE OF MUSIC:   All kinds at different times.

 FAVORITE RIDING SPOT: My hometownJackson Hole, Wyoming. No place better in my mind.

FAVORITE OFF THE BIKE TRAINING: There are almost too many to mention. One of my main favorites is “Slack lining“; its essentially a tight rope that flexes a little when you walk on it. Its fun to bring to a park. People come up to you and ask to try it out. Its great for training because it is all core strength and balance.


THOUGHTS ON U.S. CUP:  I love the US cup. Scott Tedro is going to turn this sport around to what it was in the early 90’s. He is taking already hugely successful races in the US and stamping the US cup logo on them and adding UCI points to attract the bigger names in cycling. He is also marketing the series like no one else we have ever seen. 

THOUGHTS ON TEAM SHO-AIR:  Team Sho-air has been wonderful for me. I can’t say enough good things about them. From the team owner Scott Tedro and the Marketing Director Tyson Kady they have really pulled me out of almost quitting the sport all together. They back me 100% and believe I am capable of anything and they are giving me the tools and environment I need to succeed. I am also looking forward to learning as much as I can from Veteran Sid Taberlay. He has taken me under his wing and is helping me take it to the next level as a rider

BRIEF HISTORY ABOUT SAM:  Sam began riding mountain bikes in the 5th grade at the encouragement of a PE teacher, and has never looked back.

2007 Specialized U23 team
2007 Specialized U23 team

 He raced for four years with the Specialized U23 team and went to World Cups, National Series Races, four World Championships and some Continental Championships and got to live at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. In the fall of 2008 he raced the Cactus Cup in Vegas and had some good results. It was there that he was picked up by Scott Tedro and Team Shoair .

For 2009, he is looking forward to more bike racing with new team, travel, meeting new people, and developing friendships.





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