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PHOTOS: 2015 Whiskey 50

May 7, 2015


















PHOTOS: US Cup | Sea Otter Classic

May 7, 2015






















PHOTOS: US Cup | Bonelli Park HC

May 7, 2015














PHOTO: US Cup | Fontana

March 24, 2015
















PHOTO: US Cup | Bonelli Park

March 24, 2015
















UPDATE: Stephen Ettinger | 2015 Team Camp

February 10, 2015

IMG_4920Two weeks at home can really pass quickly. It’s already time for our Sho-Air/Cannondale Team Camp to begin, but it feels like I just returned home from the Bay Area yesterday. I was hoping to come home from my last big training block to refreshing, cold winter days, but instead found myself in the middle of a mid-winter thaw that brought temperatures in Bozeman up into the 50’s and 60’s. Often, we don’t see that kind of weather until June! Over the course of the past two weeks I’ve watched all the snow and ice melt from my IMG_4909yard, the mountains and roads. I was hoping for a few days good days of nordic and backcountry skiing, but suncrust and ice just didn’t seem appetizing during my rest week, and by the time the corn snow cycle started last week, I was back on the bike and in the gym, focused on the approaching season. Winter will be back, without question, but I will have to wait until March to see it.

Instead of sulking about the dreary winter weather (or lack of it), I seized the opportunity to ride trails that I don’t often cross during the summer. We have some incredible riding out in the Gallatin Valley’s ‘banana belt’, where little precip falls during the winter, and the trails can be world class. Corrine and I spent a couple long days out at Lewis and Clark Caverns, riding and running all afternoon, and chasing it down with soaks in some hotsprings IMG_4939that sit along the Jefferson River, under the shadow of the Continental Divide. There were plenty of evenings spent cooking up fresh food with roommates and friends; we watched that tragic Super Bowl too. Pretty spectacular way to spend time, and why I always love coming home, no matter how brief my visit may be.

The final big block of training before the racing season has begun for me, and will finish up over the next three weeks during our Team Camp down in Orange County. I’m excited to spend some more time with my teammates, and explore a new place a bit. I think there will be some necessary trips out to the ocean, and I see some good Mexican food in my future. Looking forward to maybe growing a bit of a ‘stach, getting tan and coming back to Bozeman unrecognizable. I’ll figure out a way to ride some good trail, and work my butt off too… I guess.

UPDATE: Max Plaxton | Pre-Season

February 2, 2015

IMG_9865Junuary on the island.

As long as I can remember, January in Victoria is almost always amazing and 2015 has been no different. We’ve had a fair bit of rain but then plenty of sun as well to keep the trails and forest, simply awesome.

Backtracking a little bit, my holidays were really fun spending time down with my family in their newly purchased Mexican house in the small little surf town Todos Santos IMG_9868an hour north of Cabo in the Baja. 10 days down there went way too fast surfing almost every day with my brother and exploring some of the local single-track on one of my 2004 race bikes. A bike is a bike but holy guacamole have bikes come a long way in 10 years. The 2004 Rocky Mountain is 26″ aluminium hardtail with v-brakes and had semi-slick tires and not saying it wasn’t a great bike back in the “day” but I sure did miss my 29″ Cannondale Scalpel while trying to dodge massive cactus. I definitely over did it a little on the tequila but that’s just of being down in Mexico for the holiday’s right?

Back in Victoria after the holidays and it was time to get to work. The weather at first wasn’t great but the last couple weeks have been just amazing. Been logging quite a few road miles and in the gym pretty frequently. I’ve also added yoga into the mix and really loving it. I know I’ve heard for years it’s a great compliment for cyclists and I now see why it really opens up the hips and hits lots of balance muscles. I do have a hard time not chuckling a little with all the wording and terms; I think my favorite is the downward dog and Namaste. Also I find the term sun-salutations quite interesting haha.

It’s been a great “January” so far at home and the body and mind are feeling great. Looking forward to another 10 days here of what should be ripping loam single-track and great pre-season training. Super pumped to get back down to Cali for the team camp and some riding in just shorts and jersey, it’s going to be awesome.

Chat soon!

Max The Mountie.



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